There is a saying that many believe refers to this House... "It is said that there are creatures in the sea who come aboard sailing vessels at night, to take the lives of mortal sailors." The Zecorinska were a prime family that once controlled the shipbuilding industry. Where the Mitchkosa were in charge of trade, the Zecorinska were in charge of exploration and cartography, and the Bestroika were in charge of fiscal management.

It was rumored that the granddaughter of the house's founder was visited by the "Sybil". After that meeting, roughly 75% of the family's members gathered at the coast. In a mass exodus, 18 sailing vessels headed west and were never seen from again. After the exodus (which included the founder) the family was in ruins financially. The Bestroika bought out the interests of the family's shipbuilding industry. What money was left was enough to afford the construction of the Bardic School in the capitol. Henceforth, the family became known as Bards.

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