This is perhaps the oddest and least known of all the noble families. The Uvzakich live outside of the cities, preferring to gather on the family estate in the northern Magorian province of Olympus.

It is said that members of this family are gifted with the ability of foresight. It is also said that members of this family are as radiantly beautiful as any elf, but they always keep their faces covered when in public or outside their estate. The other nobles have given the Uvzikich the nickname "sybils" because this family is a matriarchy. Once a year, on the winter solstice, the matriarch visits the capitol with her procession. In this procession, she travels unveiled. Tradition has it that anyone viewing her face before the primes have seen her will be executed. Thus the saying, "Ask not and view not the Sybil. Trust the primes to provide for our future."

In reality, many "free" Magorians travel to the Sybil's estate for advice, almost as a pilgrimage. The cost for an audience is exorbitantly expensive, but the information is usually 98.9% accurate. Because of the asking price for personal prophecy, the Uvzikick have become the third wealthiest family in Magoria. It is rumored that this family holds many secrets, but their elusiveness makes it hard to ascertain the truth of the matter.

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