House Mitchkosa has strong ties with House Bestroika, and are charged with the difficult task of importing and exporting goods. Most members of this family feel the need to travel. This family is the one most likely to be encountered outside of Magoria.

House Bestroika is the only other family in Magoria to surpass Mitchkosa in the matter of wealth. It is rumored that House Mitchkosa has several land holdings, "villas or embassies" outside of Magoria located in San Wan, Altoria, and somewhere in the underkingdoms.

It is said that House Mitchkosa is also allied with House Shostakov, and the two houses are often found in the company of one another, even, or perhaps especially, on trade or diplomatic missions. Despite this house's worldly experience, they are usually very reserved and conservative. They are the most outspoken family for advocacy of slavery, next to House Bestroika. Members of this house trade with members of other races and do not underestimate them; but in no way to they see them as equals.

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