The Melchoinko are one of the more rebellious of the noble families. The founder of this house betrayed the primes, and as punishment, he and his house were banned from ever entering all Magorian cities. Despite this ban, there is at least one member of this family in every Magorian city, usually running the local Thieves' Guild. Members of this family roam the Magorian countryside in the guise of the "Melchoinko Traveling Carnival".

Members of this family have learned the secrets of animal shapeshifting, and entertainment-based illusions. Despite the revoking of their noble status, the Melchoinko still are a political force to be reckoned with. They wrested the Thieves' Guild away from the Bestroika, which gained them the enmity of that house, and it is rumored that the families' founder married the daughter of the current "Sybil".

Members of the Melchoinko family are very open and friendly. They do not believe in slavery, and often work to undermine the slave trade. Melchoinkos are not bigoted and believe themselves to be equal with all other creatures on Ereth. They are often found in the company of glimmers and rovers.

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