House Jerinatu is loyal to House Laxnessu. The members of this house all have a distinguishing characteristic: they all have white hair. At an early age, usually around 12, their hair begins to turn white.

House Laxnessu has charged House Jerinatu with research into magical items. Members of House Jerinatu spend vast amounts of time doing research into the development of new and effective magical items. At least one member of this house can be found at every Magava in Magoria.

It is rumored that the foundling member of this family struck a bargain with a very powerful Dark One. It is said that the founder tricked the Dark One into providing him with information pertaining to the creation of magical items that preventing aging on mortals, or the founder had a mortal wife and did not wish to watch her age. Upon knowledge of the treachery, the Dark one cursed the founder and all of his family, to be known as treacherous by their pure white hair.

Of all the noble houses, House Jerinatu has the most respect for mortal life, and advocates mortal rights. They are the egalitarian family. They wish to see an end to mortal slavery and foresee peaceful co-existence with mortals. Unfortunately, they are not a prime family, and so do not have the power to do anything about it. Furthermore, House Laxnessu vehemently disagrees with House Jerinatu on this matter.

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