If you play a Forest Elf you need to look the part. The first part of this is, of course, pointy ears (I'm rather fond of the Woochie brand latex ear-tips, available for about $10 at most costume shops, pick up spirit gum to attach them while you are there.) The second part is your Elf Stone, since we are talking about Forest Elves you will need a green one. You can pick up flat backed fake jewels at any craft shop and most fabric stores, then use spirit gum to affix one to your forehead.

On to clothing; the fashion among the war-band is for close fitting leather breeches and vest, with high boots. Natural shades are most favored but the Forest Elves trade widely in dyes and individual tastes are often indulged. Hair is frequently long and worn either loose or partly braided. Warriors are also often tattooed (WATER-WASHABLE markers are good for this), not uncommonly with the totem symbol of their tribe.

Leather armor is preferred to metal, though metal armor is becoming increasingly common among the mercenaries who travel in Altoria.

Other forest elves are also frequently tattooed, but favor looser more flowing clothing in brighter shades. Women who favor crafts other than the sword frequently wear long skirts or split skirts over leggings. Jewelry tends to be close chokers and snug bracelets rather than rattling chains and is worn by both men and women. Boots are the favored footwear for these elves as well; though during the summer sandals are more common.

All Forest Elves are fond of embroidered ornamentation on their clothing though the complexity of the designs varies. Both cloaks and half-cloaks are worn for warmth and some protection from the rains the Coastal winds blow in.

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