Current Status:

Though the three tribes are three separate political units their relations with and attitudes towards other races tend to be more or less the same and to be at war with one is to be at war with all three.

Ogres, the Forest Elves share no borders with the Ogres and aside from individual encounters in Altoria have little contact with denizens of the desert kingdom.

The Elves and Altoria have a mutual disinterest that results in good relations. Each are concerned with their own affairs and don't bother each other. Elves generally find humans hard to predict and are wary of them, but not unfriendly. Though the Elves are mistrustful of Altoria's desire to expand into the Wildlands, after all who knows where they might expand next?

Their disputes with Orcs in the past have been set aside now that the Elves have firmly established control of the Forest, they get along well enough with the settled groups of Orcs, rather less well with the groups still living in the Wildlands.

Though the Forest Elves share no borders with Magoria, Sea Elves have frequent hostile encounters with Magorian vessels and everything the Forest Elves have heard about Magoria they don't like. Magorian traders are forbidden access to Elven lands, Elven mercenaries will not work for Magorians. Elves have a general dislike of Magorians.

The Forest Elves have always gotten along wonderfully with the local Dwarvenholds, and the trade is very important to both groups. In fact, known Dwarves are for the most part immune from the Elven dislike of outsiders, though this could be because the Dwarves themselves are suspicious of outsiders and rarely leave their Holds.

Glimmers frequently attend the Bavall trade fairs, and most Forest Elves find them amusing, though not even slightly trustworthy. Forest Elves find Glimmer society puzzling.

Rovers seldom come to the Old Forest, and as a result most Forest Elves have little contact with them and know little of their ways, the tendency is to treat them much like they would any other human.

Finally the Dark Elf War left the Forest Elves with a bone deep hatred of their Underrealm cousins, they are most likely to kill a Dark Elf on sight. They are, in fact, once again actively pursuing war with the Underrealm.

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