The Aquilas

The Aquila Clan worship Kalambia, she is the goddess of the great river. They display the symbol of the eagle, the protector of Kalambia. The Aquilas believe sturgeon to be the children of their goddess. They are sacred fish, protected by the clan. Very large sturgeon are said to be oracles of the gods.

The Aquilas travel on the rivers mainly in kayaks. They have many types of kayaks, light maneuverable boats for running the rapids and larger heavier types for transport and as fishing vessels. These Rovers know the rivers well and love the challenge of tackling the most difficult sections. Even Aquila children are adept at running the rapids. They will also use large poled rafts to transport goods. They provide transportation to others for a fee but never sell their boats to non-Rovers. They are very jealous of their boat designs and don't like anyone inspecting them too carefully.

Some claim that the Rovers of the Aquila Clan are nothing more than river pirates.

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