What is Live Action Role-Playing?

Remember when you were a little kid and played "make-believe" with your friends? It's kind of like that, but we have a set of rules to help settle disputes.

"Did so."

"Did not."

"Did so."

"Did not."

"Did so - see it says right here on page 22 of the rule book that I did so."

Our costumes tend to be a bit more elaborate, and we're the kids with the really cool stuff.

Wanna play?

Contact us, arrange to show up at our scheduled game site for the day. Look around for the group of people in anachronistic clothes, waving around padded swords, having fun. Come on over. Watch for a while.

Excuse me while I get into character.


Nervously loitering in the Murky Brew, ~ the Murky Brew is the tavern in Haefen - designated as three of the eight picnic tables in this area ~ I slowly sip my pint of ale ~ actually, it's Mountain Dew ~, growing warm in my tankard. ~ Ykirt signals me from the gambling den. ~ that's one of the other picnic tables ~ "There's someone out back wants to see ya."

I've been waiting for this. ~ I set up this rendezvous last gaming session ~ I move cautiously towards the door, ~ the "door" is at the center of the grouped tables ~ hoping no one notices me. I slip around to the back.

Before me stands an Ogre, ~ I can tell it's an Ogre by the blue face make-up and the tusks the player is wearing ~ he seems apprehensive. I don't like the way his eyes keep shifting to that stand of trees. "Well, have you got it?" I know I sound impatient, but I've got a bad feeling about this whole set up.

Suddenly, he just disappears, vanishes before my eyes ~ he's placed his right hand, fist closed, up to his left shoulder, the gaming signal that tells me that as far as the game is concerned, he is now invisible to me ~ What the ??? ... I feel something softly thump my right shoulder. ~ A white splotch of cornstarch on my tunic sleeve tells me I've been hit by a spell pack.

~ I hear the call, "Paralyze limb." ~Who called that? - Someone from behind that tree.~ Oh great, now I can't use that arm.

I don't like the way this is going. Not at all. Who's this guy? He's got a mace ~ soft sculpture, boffer weapon ~ and he's wearing heavy armor. ~ nice armor, I wonder where he got it ~ I don't think I've got much of a chance fighting him left handed, not even with a long sword. I'd better hope I can talk my way out of this one.

"Thou hast a noble bearing, my lord. Forsooth, I know not why ye should be wroth with me. Prithee, let us wend our way to the tavern and settle our dispute with words not blows." ~ I hope that he'll listen to reason... or at least give me points for making a pretty speech ~.

As you can see, it's a bit like improvisational theatre, a bit like charades. While you are in-game, you can become totally immersed in your character. It can be very intense and a lot of fun!

We have a simulated combat system using boffer weapons, combined with theatrical role-playing. Boffer weapons are made from padded PVC pipe. Used responsibly, they're safe and a lot of fun. It's improvisational theatre with fantasy medieval props. We're not playing to an audience, just interacting with the other players.

Welcome to Our World

While in-game, you will be living in the Kingdom of Altoria, on a world called Ereth. The town of Haefen is the central focus of our game setting. Play a fighter, a thief, a mage, anything you like that fits with our game setting. No need to limit yourself to a mundane human; you can be an elf, dwarf, ogre, whatever.

There are many races and many lands to choose from as your place of origin. Your interactions with the other players and the storytellers' characters (our N.P. Corps), will determine how you fare in Haefen. If you find yourself in a combat situation, engage your opponent with a boffer weapon. The game mechanics are fairly simple. The rules are there to help resolve any differences of opinion, but usually the players themselves decide on the outcome of their interactions. It's not all fighting; non-combatant characters are just as involved in the story. There is mystery, intrigue, and adventure for all. Get to know the people of Haefen, listen in on the local gossip, you'll find yourself getting involved in the story line before you know it.

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