Rules of Combat

We resolve combat situations in game by using boffer weapons. Boffer weapons for B.T.L. are made from PVC pipe padded with pipe insulation for safety. We use cushion foam tips at least two and a half inches in diameter. They are covered with cloth or duct tape. Cross-guards and other projections must be soft sculpture. All striking surfaces must be adequately padded. We can provide instructions for weapon construction if needed. You can order weapons from some players for a fee.

Certain rules and restrictions apply to boffer battles or fights in game. Try to keep these things in mind. We want to reproduce the flavor and excitement of medieval swordplay and fighting skills without causing injury to the players. This is a game; we are here to have fun. Most people don't think pain is fun. Try to remember this.

To participate in boffer combat, you must pass a safety course and have it recorded by a Pooh-Bah. All weapons must meet our safety requirements and pass that day's safety check. You may not use even an approved weapon in an unsafe way; such as throwing a weapon not intended for throwing, using a bow as a melee weapon or using a shield as a weapon. You cannot pin or hold an opponent's weapon unless using your own weapon to deflect theirs. Play nice, O.K.

Most thrown weapons are simulated with a small cloth pouch filled with cornstarch called a missile proxy. These pouches should have no hard projections and must have cloth streamers.

We allow no unnecessary roughness or reckless endangerment. This includes deliberate body to body contact such as; grappling, tackles, hugging attacks, or tripping. This also includes striking with intent to injure, or putting too much power behind a blow. Any blow that leaves visible marks is unacceptable. It is only necessary to make contact with your weapon by a light tap. The head and neck, groin and women's breasts are non-target areas at this time. Blows to the hands and feet do not count. Any blow to these areas does not count against an opponent. Quick, multiple hits with your weapon are unrealistic in most cases. Your opponent must be able to easily keep track of the number of hits he has received. Constantly circling an opponent who is down on one knee is bad form and hard on the knees.

We will be trying to move towards a form of boffer combat called "lightest touch" which should allow more realistic fighting styles. But until we are sure that our players have reasonable control with their boffers, we shall be very, very careful. Combat rules will change and evolve as the game goes on.

Please don't strike any non-target player or non-player. A non-target player is any game participant wearing a white armband. A non-player is anyone not involved in the game, i.e.: innocent bystanders. If you inadvertently attack an innocent bystander, they may have you arrested for assault. Try to keep that in mind.

If anyone is injured or a dangerous situation arises, a "Time" should be called. When you hear a time called, stop what you are doing immediately. When the situation is resolved, "Game on" will be called and play can resume. Times can be called for personal injury, a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation (bystanders crossing the fighting area, nearby precipice, etc.), or a rules dispute.

If you wish to remove yourself from game at any time, simply hold both hands above your head as you leave.

Any breach of these rules can result in your being asked to cease participating in combat. If you're mean, we won't play with you anymore. So there.

Any action that can be resolved through role-playing without use of rules should be. The rules exist only to settle disputes; they should not be allowed to slow down the game unnecessarily.

Unless your character history indicates that you are very young, frail, or have some physical limitation, your physical endurance rating is 3. Ogre and Magorian characters can have a physical endurance rating of 4. Players can continue fighting until they have been hit in the torso a number of times equal to their Endurance rating.

If a hit is too hard, call Zeal, and your opponent has the option of agreeing that the hit will not count. If hit very softly or just a glancing blow, call Nick, and your opponent can agree that the hit will not count.

If hit twice in a limb you may not use that limb for the remainder of the combat. If a limb is struck a third time that limb cannot be used for the remainder of the day unless a healing skill or healing magic is used. Once you have been hit in the torso a number of times equal to your endurance rating you become unconscious.

You remain unconscious until you are healed by some means or you die. You will only die if someone purposely kills you or you decide that you're dead. To kill you, a player must strike you saying "killing blow" while you are helpless. If you get really tired of waiting to be saved, you can decide to die. If you decide to die, you will be visited by the Fates.

Any time your character meets an untimely death, The Fates may step in. Each character, at the time of death, has the option of petitioning the Fates. You will be offered a choice. You may abide by the Fates decision or choose to pick one of three strings held by the Fates. If you choose the long string, you may continue in your present persona. The Fates of Ereth are generally kind.

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