General Game Rules

O.K. So now that I have my persona for the game, what happens next? What else do I have to do? How do you play this game, anyway?

Well, it's pretty simple really. You will be are expected to wear appropriate costuming. Simple tunics and belts may be borrowed from the game stocks for new players. You don't need much to start with. Garb requirements can be found in the Character Races section of the Players Guide. If you are going to play a non-human, you will need the appropriate make up and costuming. You are expected to provide your own period clothing as quickly as possible. Have fun with it. We give some tips on costuming in the "Getting in the Mood" section of the Players Guide.

Try not to bring anachronistic things into the game setting. The game setting is medieval/fantasy, remember? Boom boxes, bags of Doritos, sunglasses or other accoutrements of modern life are therefore out of place. We designate an "out of game area", [O.O.G.A. land], close at hand, so you can keep an eye on your things. Period garb and appropriate items add to the fun for everyone.

Players who add to the atmosphere of the game setting are highly appreciated.

Show up on game day, get into your garb, and head over to the Murky Brew. Introduce yourself if you like. Talk to the other players or just observe. What would your character do if he/she had just blown into town? Start interacting with the other characters. That's what it's all about.

What happens if you get in trouble? What if that mean looking Ogre decides he doesn't like you and challenges you to a duel? No problem. What would this character you've created do in a situation like this? Do it.

Some game situations require a simple challenge to resolve. Paper, rock, scissors works well. While you're in town, you shouldn't have to worry about dealing with weapons. Most towns in Altoria have 'No Weapons Allowed' policies. If you want to fight or duel, you have to leave the city limits, or go to the fighting pits. Most of the time this won't be an issue unless you're looking for trouble. Not that there's anything wrong with looking for trouble. I guess we'd better go over the combat situation rules.

Some things not covered by a specific rule are still important to keep the spirit of the game. Please, don't use loopholes in the rules to gain unfair advantages. We have a very loose rules system that depends on a sense of fairness and co-operation between players. If you see a problem, discuss it with a Pooh-Bah or storyteller. New, inexperienced players are not simply cannon fodder, go easy on them. Criticizing others abilities or refusing to interact with certain people causes friction between all the players. If you are having a real problem with another player - talk to him or her. If you can't work it out, talk to a Pooh-Bah and get it resolved.

Now, keep in mind that combat doesn't have to be your persona's focus. You can live quite happily in Ereth without ever lifting a weapon. You may choose to fight your battles by other means.

If you created a character with magic use, you have all those options outlined in the section on magic use. You can still use a weapon, but you might not ever have to.

You do, of course, have the option of being a nice, friendly, peace loving character who gets along with everyone and doesn't ever get involved in confrontations. Maybe court intrigue is your specialty; perhaps you just want to get rich. Choose your goals and go for them.

Or you might just want others to think you're a fine upstanding citizen. They don't have to know about that dagger hidden in your boot or the lockpicks concealed in your sleeve.

We would like to recommend that you create a secondary character. You can play your secondary character when your main persona is spending a month studying ancient scrolls or training with a weapons master. Playing your secondary character allows you to remain involved in the game.

We recommend that your characters be noticeably different from one another to avoid confusion among other players. If you normally play a human mage, you might consider an Elven fighter or a Magorian merchant for your secondary character. A secondary with very different costuming requirements helps to keep everyone clear on who you are.

You also have the option of playing on the N.P. Corps for the day or a portion of the game day. The N.P. [non-player character] Corp is a group of people who have their roles defined by the storytellers. They are the characters that keep the story line moving. The N.P. Corp portrays everything from shopkeepers to highwaymen, monsters to unicorns. It can be a lot of fun.

Or you can always just play twins.


Play nice-Don't argue-Pick up your toys-Share

No running with scissors

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