Current Status:

With the husk zombies and thralls doing most of the dirt work and farming in the country the human population is freed to create masterful works of art. An exceptional artiste would fetch a high price on the slave market.Vampires are very loyal to their favorite artistes and guard them jealously.

The Magorians are best known for their ship designs. The zombie work force builds close to 10 galleons a year. These galleons are sturdy, well made, and readily purchased by many different kingdoms. The Magorians import wool, gems, precious metals cloth, and exotics. They export sailing vessels, vodka, and artwork. Magorian merchants travel widely.

Magoria is currently at war with the barbarian kingdoms to the east. There is a centuries old enmity between these people. They take barbarian women and children as slaves. Barbarians distrust vampires at best and vehemently hate vampires at worst.

Elves are uneasy around vampires, and most would openly attack one if wearing an elf jewel. Magorians are not allowed in the Elven Lands.

The relationship with the Dark Elves is more complex. They see the vampires as their brothers and sisters, but are jealous of their place on Ereth. Magoria is the only country with open trade in goods of the Underdark.

Campaigns have been launched against the northernmost sectors or the Ogre kingdoms, but as of yet they have proved to be unsuccessful. The Al Nisrae are openly hostile to the Vampires.

There are some rumors of increased goblin activity on the borderlands. The barbarians seem to have a great fear of the goblins. Some Magyars hope this will be of benefit to them.

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