The Laws of Toran

The people of Toran were not always in agreement. They fought among themselves and the stronger made slaves of the weaker. Some held themselves high and looked to take unto themselves the bounty that Toran had provided for all his people.

Toran observed this and was not pleased. He sent his son Delius to the people with the Laws of Toran to guide them.

Delius writ the Laws on the Golden Tablets and gave them into the care of the priests of Toran, who placed them in the sacred shrine. The priests of Toran were then instructed to scribe the Laws onto scrolls for the enlightenment of his people so that they might know the will of Toran. Each priest must use the Laws to teach the people Toran's will.

The Laws of Toran

  1. Give protection to the weak and the helpless among you.
  2. Take only that which is yours by right or inheritance.
  3. Eat not the flesh of thine brethren nor take him as a slave to your house or your fields or as a slave to your garrison.
  4. Give to Toran the honor he is due and give honor to the gods of your neighbors.
  5. Do not seek to undo that which is decreed by the fates.
  6. Hold not one man above another, nor one lineage nor one clan higher than their neighbor, nor hold one god higher than another.
  7. Give to Toran, in his wisdom, to select who shall be empowered as leaders of his people.
  8. Honor those empowered by Toran with fealty and obedience.
  9. Look not to fallen gods and demons for the sustenance of your body or mind or spirit. This is an affront to Toran.
  10. The chosen of Toran must not look to the chosen races of other gods for husband or for wife for the children of such a union would be an abomination in the eyes of Toran.
  11. Be not wasteful of the bounty of Toran and Toran will provide sufficiently for his people.
  12. As Toran made Ereth a good place for his chosen people, they must see to its care and tend to its needs as directed by those empowered by the great god Toran.

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