Altorian Universities

During the reign of King Kavral Arlen, "The Preceptor", it was decreed that those most learned men in the kingdom, whether noble or laymen, would be appointed to the royal university. There they would study and accumulate knowledge for the good of all Altoria. They would also train teachers to go out and enlighten the populace and teach even the lowliest serf to read and to write, to become literate for the good of Altoria and the glory of Toran. The system of official Altorian common schools were set up to ensure that all Altorians would be able to read and write. Those who show promise are encouraged to continue their studies at an assigned University.

The present Altorian University system has been established for many generations. There are twelve universities in Altoria, each encompassing one of the twelve major fields of learning. They are; religion, militarism, history, geography, numerations, music, art, alchemy, astronomy, medicine, agriculture, and magics.

Religion is taught at the University of Toran the Beneficent. Here they teach and train the priests and the nobility in the general studies deemed beneficial to the Church and the Kingdom. They are also required to study the religious beliefs of other cultures and species. Though not restricted to priests and nobility, only rarely are the gifted of the poorer classes actually called to a university. The curriculum here is geared towards a basic education with an emphasis on practical application. All things, of course, are to the glory of Toran.

Militarism is taught at Astarn of Giveran University. This university was named after a famous military strategist of Altoria's early expansionist period. All forms of fighting skills, military strategies, and the constructing of weapons, armor and the engines of war are taught here. Such skills as road construction, bridge building and the keeping of troops supplied are all considered important military strategies.
The basic soldiering skills are also taught here. All Altorian fighting men who wear a noble's colors have been required to attend a minimum of two years formal training at Astarn of Giveran.

History is taught at Greysham University. This is a scholarly place for those with a passion for history. It is a very small university with a very large library. Many scholars in both local and world histories reside here. They host many travelers from around the world.

Geography is the focus of Pierson University. They specialize in teaching cartography. They also offer courses in geology and mining lore. They are known for subsidizing many expeditions in their quest to fully map the known world. They have many obscure books and maps on far distant places and have a museum of artifacts that is renowned far and wide.

The teaching of numerations and numerology takes place at the University of Laurelsham. All forms of mathematics and mathematical theory are taught here. Even the other universities thing that these guys are weird.

Music and music theory are taught at the Mt. Halm University of Cantillatiion. This university started out as a school for those who created music for temple rituals, but over the years it has expanded to include a much wider curriculum. It offers many classes on types of music, musical history, and the crafting and playing of many types of instruments. They have an extensive library of musical compositions and lyrics, including traditional songs and ballads from many lands and cultures.

Art is studied at the Azure Lake University of the Arts. They teach the fine arts of sculpture, drawing and painting. The art of architecture is also taught here. Those chosen to pursue those goals are considered the elite of the university.
They also teach what are considered the fine crafts. This would include jewelry design, ceramics, wood, stone, gem carving, and tiling. These crafts can be taught by the craft guilds also, but many guild members take classes at the university.
Other crafts, such as basketry, papermaking and leather working are generally taught by the local craft guilds although the university sometimes covers these crafts in their classes.

Alchemy is taught at Crystal Sprin gs University. Alchemy is the study of chemical reactions.
Many of the chemical formulations have been found to have amazing properties. The University alchemists are very jealous of their knowledge. They have managed to convince the lawmakers that their formulations must be in control of the university because of the danger of them falling into unscrupulous or simply ignorant hands.
They are really, really picky about whom they allow to enter Crystal Springs University, either as a student or as a visitor. Any former student who is suspected of divulging university secrets usually mysteriously disappears. C.S.U. seems to be quite wealthy [rumor has it that they can transmute base metals to gold]. It is also rumored that many of the instructors are quite old yet appear youthful and in amazingly good health.
They do have a flourishing business; training and legally certifying the village "Alchemists" who are licensed to dispense simple drugs and potions. Their libraries are closed to all outsiders - even the temple priests.

The study of Astronomy and Astrology takes place at Rocky Heights University. Here they study the planets, stars, and constellations. Even the temple priests consult with the scholars of Rocky Heights regarding the portents of the signs in the heavens.
It is considered very important, by even the poorest families, to have a child's star chart drawn up at birth.
Toran is known to send messages and prophecies through the star signs.

The field of medicine is studied at Trifolium University of the Healing Arts. They teach herbalism, surgical skills and general health care to those unable or unwilling to depend on magical cures. Their studies of medicines, anatomy, and surgical techniques have changed the perception of many, that the only safe cures were those done by the mages and wizards.

Agriculture is taught at Arcaria University. They teach the latest theories in farming, animal husbandry and forestry. This university has the greatest number of students who do not hail from the families of the priests or nobility.

Magics and Dramaturgy are taught at Thael Thaeltrn University of the Occult. Only those with a very high magical aptitude are asked to attend U. of O. No one seems to know much about it. In fact, I cannot seem to remember where it is.

The Masters at the universities are considered to be the wisest men in the kingdom. It is given to them to be the lawmakers, to put the laws in place and to pass judgement on the lawbreakers.

The High Priest of Toran can decide who becomes the Head Master at each university. They claim to make this decision by calling on divine guidance from the gods.

The Head Master at each university appoints his own staff of lawyers and lawmakers.

The Universities are maintained and controlled by the Church of Toran. They are not considered a part of any County, but stand alone. The University lands and buildings and all holdings of the Universities, like other Church holdings, are exempt from taxation and control by any but the King or Regent.

There is a lot of convoluted politics with-in the universities and between the universities and the Temple of Toran.

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