Myths and Legends

The Fates

In the beginning, before the gods were born, the god mother, Urdt, gave birth to three daughters. These daughters were called; Wyrdt, Vyrdi, and Skuldt. Wyrdt was born old and decrepit in her appearance, always looking backward, over her shoulder. Vyrdi looks straight before her. She is young, active, and very beautiful. Skuldt will only look in the opposite direction of Wyrdt. Her face and form have never been revealed, she is veiled from the eyes of all, even her mother. In her hand she holds a scrollcase, never opened.

The daughters were given to Urlagh, to execute his wishes. Urlagh, he who upholds the eternal laws which have no beginning and no end, set Urdt's daughters to their tasks. He caused them to be called for all time and by all peoples, The Fates.

Urlagh set forth the tasks of the Fates. They are to water the Tree of Life with water from Lake Fyrst, fed by the Stream of Life. They are to feed the swans that dwell on Lake Fyrst and the Fyrst fish that live in it's waters. When the Fates must visit Ereth, they may take on the plumage of the swans or may appear as mermaids.

Then Urlagh set them to weave an eternal web. The life threads of the children of the gods make up the warp and the woof of their web. As two of the Fates diligently weave this web, the third relentlessly undoes their work. If your life thread is cut in the undoing, your life must end. The Fates may come to you and offer you a choice of threads. Only if you choose a thread long enough to weave back into the web can you continue your present existence.

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