The expanding Dwarven Kingdoms have driven the Orcs from their home territories in the mountain ranges south of Altoria. The clans have established fortified villages in the Wild Lands where they hope to create a new Orc nation. In the past there have been attempts to unify the Orc clans, but they were unsuccessful. There has never been an Orc leader who was strong or charismatic enough to join the clans. Orcs are an independent lot, they don't take well to following 'the rules' as set forth by anyone, not even another Orc.

Many Orcs feel that the dream of an Orcish nation in the Wildlands is unattainable. They have problems with goblins, or daemons as the Orcs call them, who regard them as a primary target. Goblins are sneaky and cunning, characteristics that Orcs don't have many defenses against. An Orc considers it dishonorable to lie in wait for an enemy. They make a challenge and wait for it to be accepted. Orcs consider the presence of goblins to be an ill omen. More and more Orcs are coming to Altoria, looking for a new home unplagued by goblin raids.

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