Orcs of Ereth have human coloration, pig snouts, and tusks. Males are generally larger than females. They fall into the normal size and strength range for humans. Player characters must wear pig snouts and tusks. The type you put on with spirit gum is more comfortable to wear for extended periods, but the standard pig snout on an elastic string works just fine. We can show you how to make your own tusks. If you don't like the idea of wearing a pig snout for hours on end, don't play an Orc.

Orcs typically wear rustic clothing, but those living within other societies may adopt different clothing styles depending on the character history. They prefer bold, heavy jewelry - they're partial to iron ornaments or leather and stone pieces. Orcs are rarely pretentious in their clothing styles. The men's trophy belts display proof of their fighting skills. They attach scalps, teeth, claws, scales, feathers or items belonging to a slain victim (wizard's ring, coins, etc.) Trophy belts are frequently very elaborate. Have fun with this; each trophy would undoubtedly have a story to go with it. Unmated females wear their hair loose. When they take a mate they put a braid in their hair. They add a braid for each mate they take. The number of rings in their ears denotes the number of children they have born. Many braids and many earrings are considered status symbols for Orcish women.

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