House Yataslav is the house associated with the teachings of religion and domestic issues. They are responsible for: maintaining the temples of Leilu and Gorak, appeasing the Gods, and maintaining the local peace.

Members of House Yataslav tend to be very open-minded, and are the most 'compassionate' of all the other houses. It is rumored that this house is keeping a major secret that would rock the foundation of Magorian society, but so far no one knows what it is.

The local constabulary is made up of members of this house... a few are corrupt, but most are very just and honest. They are responsible for questioning suspects before bringing them before the primes or dispensing justice. They are also responsible for hunting down escaped slaves. In order to gain status within the family, a member must either win great favor by the Gods, or be the best example of Magoria's long arm of justice.

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