House Laxnessu is the house of historians and magicians. Members of this house are responsible for maintaining the state control of magic in Magoria. A member of this house can be found in every city in Magoria.

Laxnessu are responsible for maintaining the Magavas (magic armories), and for the tutilage of magic to 'chosen' Magorian children. Members of this house are often also concerned with the pursuits of: Astronomy, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Alchemy, Herbalism, and Perfumes (which is a matter of dissention between House Laxnessu and House Bestroika).

Members of House Laxnessu are often very traditionalistic and closed-minded. They are, however, the bringers of "Culture" to the rest of Magoria, and are afforded the nickname 'Teachers'. They are associated with all matters related to knowledge and learning. The famous Laxnessu catch-phrase is: "Did you know..." In order to gain status within this Family, one must make a significant contribution to his/her family within his/her field of study.

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