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My favorite Fantasy writer. Author of the Dragon Nimbus series and Merlin's Descendents series.
If you like dragons or love anything to do with Merlin, check out her site.

Great Fantasy Art Rubber Stamps.


Visit Elfwood

   Art by Socar Myles. My all time favorite Elfwood Artist.

The Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts  founded by Terri Windling

   Dedicated to the Art of Brian and Wendy Froud

Dale Chihuly  Blown Glass and incredible color, eye candy.

John M. Soderberg   Southern Mountain Studio

Ravenwood Designs   The Artwork of Linda Matusich

Ellen Million Graphics   Fantasy Art, Stationary Products and Printing Services

Stanton F. Fink  Interesting stuff here. LOL

Webpages of Friends and Other Strangeness:

Surfing Costa Rica  My husband's surfing trips to Costa Rica.

Vissara's Temple   Lord Fredrick Leighton desktop themes and 'bats!'

Some very cool, some very odd...

Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys  Everything you ever wanted to know about duct tape.

One of my hobbies is role-playing.

Better Than Life  Live Action Roleplaying Game. Fantasy/medieval setting. Portland, Oregon

Crucible Chronicles  Live Action Roleplaying Game based on White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade. Portland, Oregon

Realms II Home Page  Realms II: live-action role playing game using a boffer system to simulate combat.

Orycon  Home page for OryCon, Portland Oregon's premiere science fiction convention

Dragonfly Design Studio  Historical, fantasy, and uniquely elegant accessories, costumes and gifts.

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