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Orc mercenaries are very loyal to their employers. Their word is their bond - they ask few questions and pride themselves on following orders regardless of the consequences. They are proud and faithful to a fault.

They consider themselves cunning, but are unsophisticated when it comes to politics or intrigue. Orcs are usually uneducated, not actually stupid, but they are terribly ethnocentric. Some Orcs do integrate into other societies but they tend to keep to their own ways. They consider their own customs and ways as normal and think everyone else is weird, misguided, or just plain wrong.

They don't get along well with the dwarven race, (they don't get along well with anyone else either), but they are particularly rude towards dwarves. They see the dwarves are usurpers of their rightful lairs. They are typically suckers for Glimmer games and often have confrontations with them. They consider Glimmers to be unscrupulous tricksters and are always sure that the decks are stacked and the dice loaded. It doesn't keep them from being conned into playing Glimmer games though. Orcs just can't seem to resist the urge to gamble.

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