You have managed to enter the secret temple. You look around. There, on the altar, is a jewel encrusted, golden idol. It's just the right size to fit comfortably in your pocket. You take a piece of duct tape with a big, black 'S' on it, and stick it to the statue. Cool... no one is around- you get away with it! Uh, uh... not so fast - you do have to pick the statue up. It's a rule of the game (the Pooh-Bah told everyone before gameplay started that the statue was an IN-GAME item).

You see, there just might be a small, folded piece of paper under it. If there is, you get to open it and find out what just happened!

TRAP-POISON GAS; 3 points damage, you fall unconscious for 60 count

Well, unless you have something that protects you from poison gas, you are now injured and unconscious.

Some items that are trapped will have the folded piece of paper clearly visible. A scroll case may be sitting on a desk with the tell-tell paper taped right on top. Now you wouldn't be foolish enough to try to touch that, would you.

Of course, there's no guarantee that it says the item is trapped. It might be blank. It might say;

You sense the presence of something valuable under the desk drawer.

The valuable gems in that secret compartment will probably come in handy.

Those small, folded pieces of paper placed here and there are quite intriguing. You never know what they might say.

Sometimes traps are not marked. There may be a Pooh-Bah nearby who will tell you if you've set off a trap. You might not see him; he could be hiding. Be careful.

If you want to trap something, it's a good idea to check with a Pooh-Bah first. We don't require it -but we'd like to know that your method of 'trapping' something isn't dangerous to others. If you're using our standard 'small, folded piece of paper' there shouldn't be any problem. If you come up with a means of automatically spraying anyone who touches your backpack with indelible ink, we will definitely veto it. 'Traps' must not actually harm anyone, or their possessions, in any way.

A real pit, with real spikes at the bottom, would land you in real jail if anyone fell in. Don't get carried away with elaborate ideas for traps. Use common sense. Props are cool, but this is role-playing. Most stuff you can just act out.

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