Getting in the Mood

In live action R.P.G., costuming, props, and setting are important elements of the game. Wearing the "right clothes" helps you stay in character. It also helps other players recognize your persona. If you play an Elf, you'll be recognized by your pointy ears and your elfstone. You don't have to wear the same outfit for every game, but try to dress in character. Your character will become familiar to the other players. If you usually dress all in black and suddenly show up in red pants and a purple shirt, people may assume you're playing a different person. Remember; your character is more than just the costume. Keep your mannerisms and personality consistent from game to game.

The game setting is fantasy medieval- emphasis on the fantasy. We are not the S.C.A. It isn't necessary to be authentic to any historical period. Levis, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap would definitely be out of place. Modern button up shirts don't really fit the mood either. On the other hand, vinyl is a nice, cheap substitute for leather, and can look pretty good, if you don't look too close. If you draw circles on that T-shirt, it might even pass as chainmail. Actual boiled leather armor would look a lot better and impress everyone. So would real plate mail, but we'll let you get away with cardboard and aluminum tape if you want.

Garb can be very simple. A tunic over sweatpants or a long skirt works for almost any race. Tunics are easy to make. We can get a pattern to you, or buy a tunic from a fellow player that sews. There are patterns for period garb on the market. Check your local fabric store. You'll get plenty of ideas. Yard sales are a good source to pick up bargain fabrics. Old curtains have some wonderful possibilities.

Your local thrift store or Mom's closet are a couple of good places to look for garb ideas. Thrift stores are a good place to look for footwear, too. Those old kneeboots from the seventies look pretty good with a pair of leggings and a full sleeved poet's shirt. Top it with a leather vest and a hat with an ostrich feather and you'll become quite the swashbuckler. (You should probably check with your mom first before raiding her closet.)

For species specific make-ups and hair colors, pointy ears, pig snouts, fangs, and tusks; try a theatrical supply store. Check with us for a list of local suppliers. Don't forget to consider tattoos, birthmarks, scars, and other interesting identifying marks for your character.

You can pattern your persona after a movie or TV hero or a character from your favorite novel. I, personally, want all the garb from the Xena shows. I like tacky, I admit it. Princess Bride has some great outfits. Check out all the old fantasy adventure movies on the rental shelves. Take another look at the cover illustrations of the novels on your bookshelf. Draw inspiration from the pictures in your D&D books or the posters on your wall. Get creative; if you can't make the outfit your character wants, you can probably find someone who will.

Many races in our game world have traditional garb. The racial supplement books have details on costuming and make-ups for each race. Try to dress appropriately for the character's background and history. If you want to play an Ogre who wears a tutu and combat boots, come up with the character history to explain why. If you have a plausible explanation, it's O.K. with us.

Try to find a tankard or mug for your character's use. It's a nice touch when you're in the tavern. It looks much more authentic than a plastic soda pop bottle.

We have in-game currency. You may need something to carry spell or missile proxies in. Simple cloth pouches are probably the easiest choice for both. Proxies are your responsibility; try to have an adequate number.

Loaner items are available, but you're expected to provide your own garb and props by your third gaming session. Loaner items must be returned after the game.

There will be many props used by the storytellers to enhance the game atmosphere. Please be considerate of the time and effort put into creating or acquiring these items.

If you have interesting things you would like to let us borrow for the game, it would be highly appreciated.

Please, everyone, be careful with the game stuff, O.K.

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