The Fae:

For hundreds of years rumors of the fae have been heard in the lands of Ereth. Said to be a curious group of people; in mannerisms, they are similar to humans or elves, but their size and form are more variable. Not all scholars and historians believe in the existence of the fae, but most common people accept it as fact.

According to legend, the fae were allowed to create one kingdom, Lothavalon, as their homeland on Ereth. They rarely venture out of Lothavalon, but are apparently more numerous, or at least their presence is more noticeable, in rural areas.

Several races collectively make up the fae:


They have the glittery skin common to all fae and pointy little ears. They dress in whatever cast-offs they can find, combining rags with fine furs, fallen acorns and diamond broaches, with no preference for one over the other. They do seem to have a fondness for "shiny".

Quite a problem; they seem to be able to enter any room, pass through any door, and unlock any lock.

Difficult to catch, they see and disarm most traps set for them. They often have a large assortment of keys.


Brownies are quiet, unobtrusive sorts. It is a great boon to have them take up residence in your home or place of business. They like a bowl of milk, or a bit of beer with some bread and cheese left for them when you retire. They are helpful at mending and fixing things. Brownies are rarely seen- but you'll know if they are about.

Dryads and Hamatids:

Males and females wear earth tones matching the seasons. They wear a chaplet of leaves, flowers, or berries. Their glittery skin is green in spring, pink in summer, gold in fall, and silver in winter.

They are said to have spells that enable them to transport from tree to tree or to camouflage themselves. They can give powers to the trees, calling on them to become animate.

The Dryads and Hamatids have a wealth of forest skills and a mastery of herbalism and poison lore.

Faunae and Faunun:

Their glittery skin may be gold, green, or silver, depending on the season or territory. Male and female fauns have furry, goat-like legs and small horns. They prefer vibrant colors.

They are known to use spells that cause intoxication and love spells. The Fauns use their magic to create romance or boisterous revelry, depending on their mood and the situation.


The leprechauns, or kobalds as they are known in Magoria, have green and gold glittering skin. They dress in green, black, gold, and white colors. They always wear a three cornered hat and patent leather shoes.

They are said to hoard treasures stolen from the unsuspecting travelers they have ensorcelled. They leave their victims wandering aimlessly in the wilds.

They can make themselves invisible, and are known to use spells to make you stumble, fall, or loose your way.

It is claimed that if you can catch a Leprechaun, they must grant you a wish. Once they have granted the wish, the leprechaun disappears.

Lirthnas or Forest gnomes:

Green glittery skin is the norm for all gnomes. Males wear jerkin, trousers, and red, pointed felt caps. Females wear dresses with girdles and green, pointed felt caps.

They have a particular tree which is their dwelling. They are very secretive about where they live.

They are known to use their magics to protect and aid forest animals and plants. The forest gnomes are generally considered friendly and helpful creatures.

Thumpers or Mine gnomes:

Both males and females have silvery, glittering skin. They wear leather jerkins and trousers with candle caps.

Usually encountered in mines and caves, they can use their magics to aid or hamper miners.Thumpers are obsessed with finding precious metals and gems. They are very jealous of their mines.

Naerids and Meremen:

They have blue glittering skin, blue hair, and always dress in blue. They wear seashell ornaments. They are known to charm travelers with their songs. Some say that they can change themselves into fish or seals.

Nymphs, Pixies or Sprites:

They wear bright, often wildly patterned clothing. Their glittery skin can be any color. The males wear belled caps. The females are winged.

They live near ponds or lakes, usually in a forest setting. They are known to use spells that cause confusion and disorientation. They can become invisible.

All sprites are pranksters; some are more malicious than others.


The stories of these creatures seem somewhat confusing. They are said to wear loud colors, be noisy and boisterous and to insist on befriending you. Others say that they appear as large, very large, animals; such as a bunny, chipmunk, or something more exotic, like a huge, pink elephant. They can become invisible at will, except to their "friend". Most reportings of this creature come from questionable sources. The people who see this type of fae frequently tend to be heavy drinkers or to be under a lot of stress.

Redcaps and Valkaries:

They have red glittering skin and bloodstained hands. The male's caps are stained dark red with blood. Females wear winged helmets. They usually wear armor of hard leather boiled in fat rendered from their victims.

They are known to use magic to make you fumble your weapons in a fight. They are said to cause terrible pain just by looking at you.

The Sidhe:

The Sidhe seem to be the royalty of Lothavalon. They are very beautiful, with elegant clothing and jeweled crowns. They are said to be able to see into the future and the past.

The Dark Ones:

These evil creatures lurk in graveyards and hover around burial mounds. They have no faces under their black cowls. Little is known of their intentions, but they are very frightening to come across.

Old lore says they were, or are, fae creatures. Myths suggest they search for truths the gods of the underdark impart. Another myth hints they are children of the eldest Fate. Old Altorian myths tell of a powerful dark one being responsible for the creation of vampyres.

Rovers have their own stories of the dark ones. The Rover clan of Tinera claims its' origins with the love of a dark one for a Rover Khazair. Even the Rovers shun the Tineran clan.

Solitary creatures, they practice their rituals alone. They appear only at night or in dark, decaying parts of this world, often in the company of spirits, or reanimated dead. Thought to be masters of the necromantic arts, they keep their knowledge to themselves.

The dark ones are said to have the long life spans. Many people believe they have recorded vast amounts of knowledge and stored it away in secret places, guarded by the dead. This stored knowledge is tantalizing to some adventurers. Those Magorians who have dealt with the dark ones often come back "changed". They say that the knowledge the dark ones can impart comes with a price.

You may run into creatures that have never before been encountered. You just never know.

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