Ereth: Our World

Ereth is a place of diverse kingdoms, many races, and some strange and wondrous creatures. The time is similar to our medieval history. Some kingdoms are isolated; others have ties, political or cultural, with others. This is a fantasy setting, so we don't get too technical in the history department.

The kingdom of Altoria is our usual game setting. It has a mainly human population, although any of the races can be found there. To the north is Magoria, home of the racial vampyres. Vampyres are not very popular with the other races, for obvious reasons. Beyond Magoria lie the far northern kingdoms of Tseathla, another kingdom of the humans, and other lands known only in rumors and traveler's tales. The Sylvan Elves live in forested enclaves throughout the lands. The Sea Elves have their coastal communities. The elves of Ereth tend to keep to themselves. Beyond our shores lie the islands of the San Wan nations. Though there is trade with the Sanwanese, little is known of their culture. Only the islanders can traverse the wurm infested sea surrounding their kingdom. Ogres lay claim to the eastern deserts. The Ogre land of Qabara is harsh but beautiful. They guard its borders and patrol the trade routes. The Dwarves rule the mountains from their strongholds, open only to dwarves. The Orcs have a hold in the Wild Lands. Many strange and exotic races inhabit the Wild Lands, including the fae, [strange beings from a place called Celestia], and the hated goblins. Rovers and Glimmers are nomadic peoples traveling where they will. Beyond the borders of these civilizations live the barbarians. Much of Ereth is unexplored.

Magic is a powerful force on Ereth. Most intelligent beings are capable of using magic. Some have a natural aptitude making it easier for them to master the magical arts, but magic is there for anyone to access. Some beings and creatures have innate magical abilities, but for most, it is a skill that must be studied and practiced.

It will be helpful for you to become familiar with the settings, races, creatures, and the magics of Ereth. If you want more information on a specific character race or kingdom, check with the Pooh-Bahs for a look at the racial supplement books or the guides to the kingdoms.

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