Money System

Ereth has four denominations of coin.

King Wesley has begun to initiate the printing of script. This "paper money" may start showing up soon. He says it will be legal tender for all transactions within Altoria. He claims that you will be able to redeem it for coin at the treasury in Paramount City. Will you trust it?

Pence:Smallest of the coins, represented in-game with washers.

Fool: Twenty (20) Pence make one Fool. Fools are represented in game by the colored round Mardi Gras coins.

Gold:Ten (10) Fools make one Gold. Golds are represented in-game by the round gold Mardi Gras coins.

Crown:Crowns are worth ten (10) Golds or 100 Fools. They are represented in-game by the crown-shaped Mardi Gras coins of all colors.

All of which really means nothing without some idea of what things are likely to cost, right? So we have made a little list for you.

    one night in a common room = 5-10 pence
    one night in a private room = 1-4 fools
    A night of entertainment at the Wagons of Negotiable Affections = 1 fool
    a meal = 2 pence
    a drink = 1 pence
    a horse = 1-2 crown
    a sword = 1- 1 1/2 crown
    mercenary pay for one week = 8 fools
    peasant clothing = 5 pence
    good clothing = 1 fool
    decent boots = 1 fool
    pair of small silver stud earrings = 1 gold
    plain ring = 3-5 gold
    silver chain necklace = 1 crown

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