Only those born on Altorian soil can petition for citizenship. Only citizens can own land, attend the universities, or serve on the councils. Do you think you might want to play a citizen of Altoria? Most citizens here are human. All citizens are required to send their children to common school. If you play an Altorian citizen, it is assumed you can read and write.

If you play an Altorian Orc, you will most likely hail from the southern regions. Most Orcs are immigrants, residents who came here from the Wildlands. Some Orcish families have been here for more than one generation. The children born on Altorian soil have the right to claim citizenship. It's not required, they have a choice.

There is an Elven settlement in the 'Old Forest' region. They have treaties with the Kingdom of Altoria and are not intruded upon. Because of recent conflicts within their communities, a number of Elves have left their homes and are now living in Altorian towns and villages. Elves do not consider themselves Altorian citizens; they have their own tribes and customs.

Most Ogres in Altoria are just passing through, but there is the occasional immigrant who has settled here. Check out the Ogre supplement before you make a decision on whether or not your Ogre character is an Altorian citizen. Most Ogres are very proud of their Qabarian heritage.

Other races living in here will probably not have Altorian citizenship. No races are barred from living in Altoria. All residents are expected to abide by Altorian law and pay taxes, regardless of citizenship.


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