Altorians: Dress:

To play an Altorian, you should look the part. If you are playing a non-human, check the appropriate racial supplement guide for costuming. If you live in Altoria, regardless of your race, you may choose to adopt Altorian fashion.

The current men's fashion in Altoria, for commoners, is a short tunic, usually belted at the waist, and loose braies of plain cloth. The common women wear ankle length tunics girded at waist or hip. Some wear skirts with belted short tunics or chemises. Cloaks are worn for warmth and simple caps and headscarves are often worn. This is the standard garb of the peasant classes suitable for any race on Ereth.

But don't get too concerned about garb. Sweatpants, karate pants, or anything similar can pass for braies. Any long skirt works well for females. A simple, loose, pullover top without buttons or zippers stands in for a tunic. Wrap a sash around your waist and you're ready to go.

The merchant classes wear similar clothes in fabrics that are more expensive. Those who can afford it wear jewelry as befits their station. Men often wear a fancy dagger carried in a decorated sheath.

The nobility wear more elaborate outfits. The men often wear full, puffed breeches in place of braies. Women wear elaborate gowns. The nobility wear fine jewelry to emphasize their status. Both sexes wear necklaces, rings, bracelets, and use fancy pins and broaches. Highly decorative pouches in elegant materials are widely used by both sexes. If you want to get really gussied up, play a wealthy noble.

Both men and women of nobility wear hooded cloaks in expensive fabrics or fur for warmth. Caps and hats in similar materials are popular. Decorative gloves are a mark of distinction for both men and women. Your apparent place in society will be reflected in your dress.

Altorians worship the god Toran. The symbol of Toran is worn by many Altorians. The priests of Toran wear tabards or a gorget displaying the symbol of Toran and their insignia of rank. The High Priests wear a full garnache, an outer garment that covers the wearer from neck to ankles. It has wide sleeves cut as part of the garment. They wear an elaborately decorated gorget displaying the symbol of Toran over the symbol of the sacred scroll.

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