Trying to get a grasp on composition and design.
I am finding the class I am taking very challenging.
We've been working with circles.

I know what a circle is. At least I think I do.
This is a circle. But- I am supposed to use a circle in a dynamic composition that shows movement.

That is the part where I get lost.

Does this show movement?

I think it mostly makes my head hurt. My eyes are moving all right.
But they are not being contained or stopped by any of these circles.

My eyes stop for these. Mostly because they are bored.

Putting the circles in a box was not helpful.

Pretty- but still boring.
And I think that top branchy thing draws your eyes OUT of the picutre.

Again, I like these photos. I just don't think they are working for this assignment.

Random things with circles.
Do they show movement? I have no clue.

More random things.
I am beginning to realize that it doesn't matter how many photos I take of things with circles.
I still have no clue.

At least I'm getting some pretty photos.

Lots of directional elements in this.
But are they contained? Or do your eyes want to leave?

The water is moving. Does that count?

Do the ripple rings in the water count as a circle?
They do seem to help center your eyes on the geese.

So- how about the knob on the goose bill and the goose's eye?
Can I count those as circles?
If they count as circles- I have more of those!

But I still have no clue about the "showing movement" part of this.