Here we go. This list covers those individuals who by virtue of travel, profession or skill would be known beyond the boundries of Haefen. That doesn't neccessarily mean a new PC will have heard of all of them, but probably he or she would have heard the names appropriate to his/her background.

Character nameReputation/Deeds
Lia An archer, goblin-hunter, her most recent talked-about deed however is the death of the Dark Elf Ambassador and Count Regent's Advisor, Sovaz, whom she killed by digging out her elfstone while she was unconcious, while employed as her bodyguard. It is said she was demon-possessed at the time.
PantarA Merc from the Barbarian lands, quite friendly to Elves, he has been working with Lia a great deal since they met in Haefen. Seems have and unusually strong hatred of Dark Elves, for a human.
Geron Head of Haefen's Adventurer's Guild and a Legendary swordsman. Geron is honest and good, unfortunately the life of an adventurer is harsh and Geron now walks with a cane, however he is still formidable and is said to take his Guild's reputation very seriously. Has been missing for some time
Aristam Nic NaithireunCurrent Sheriff, violently pyschotic, often drunk, hates Maryl passionately. Used to be a Merc under the false name Liathe. Niece of one of the Elven cheiftains. Seems to resent it when she has to do her job.
Liathe Nic Bavall An Elven Merc for 7 years before she became Sheriff of Haefen 5 years ago. She is said to be extreamly violent (and this by elves!), and word around town is she drinks a lot. She as a close friend of the late Count Arlen. In Haefen it is well known this was a false identity used by Aristam Nic Nathireun.
LysanderA close friend of Aristam's,he is a Sea Elf merc, something of a womanizer, rumored theif, may have taken to playing bandit once or twice. Has been rumored to take on ...questionable sorts of jobs. May be an exile.
GalidarSomething of a swashbuckler, honorable. The younger son of some noble or other, though he likes to downplay it.
Ceghan ap Bavall Forest Elf Merc, doesn't seem to like/trust anyone who isn't an elf. A good tracker.
JardethRather new to the merc scene. Seems to pick his battles according to cause rather than coin.
GregorSolid man, does caravan and guard work, and does it well.
Kei Loyal to his employers, and not overly picky about who they are. Frequently does guard work.
Warrwen Dealg A Wild Elf, still adjusting to the customs of other peoples. More violent than your average Elf merc.
KoralarMercenary hero and master swordsman. Recently discovered to have been Count Arlen's killer. Geron faced him in a duel, and won. Koralar confessed, named the man who paid him, and is no longer amoung the living
Drake ThatcherAlso known as "Drake the Butcher", a hated assassin and general low-life scum.
Tom Brobber Says he was raised by humans, but all the usual cautions about dealing with Elf mercs would still seem to be necessary with this one
Renala Nic BavallNot a talkative sort, for the most part. Calmer than most elf Mercs, maybe saner?
Character nameReputation/Deeds
AlodarA LEGENDARY Mage of the elemental sort. He very much dislikes to have his experiments interupted so those seeking him should be sure they have good reason to do so. Head of Haefen's Mage's Guild.
Aiden A mysterious fellow not trained by the University, but said to be impressive all the same though most University trained mages distrust such reports.Was advisor to the late Count Arlen.
Lor A Rover mage, good friends with Alodar, sometimes helps is his experiments. Said to be able to outdrink anyone who has crossed his path. Travels with his mate Zeborah, a fortune teller.
Character nameReputation/Deeds
BachLarge scary Ogre who ownes five Murky Brew taverns in five diffrent Counties. Has an 'you break it, I break you' policy in all of them. Head of Haefen's Teamster's Guild.
Iron MaskLeader of a large group of bandits and pirates that have been harrassing Altoria's nobles for years. Though he is quite popular with the peasents. Rumored to be the True King.
Captain Mordan Former pirate, recently revealed to be both Iron Mask and Wesley Hood, the True King.
ShaelCurrent King of Altoria. Rumor almost since he took that throne had it that he was not the True King. Rumor also has it he cares more about personal wealth than the welfare of his people

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